Premiera: 04.02.2012

Scenariusz i reżyseria: Jerzy Jan Połoński

Scenografia i kostiumy: Marika Wojciechowska

Muzyka:  Michał Kowalczyk

Ruch sceniczny:  Jarosław Staniek

Przygotowanie wokalne:  Małgorzata Jaworska-Kaczmarek

Anna Jezierska Patrycja Rojecka Jakub Grzybek Paweł Pawlik

Publiczność:  od 5 lat

Czas trwania:  75 minut


The famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale about Little Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf, who dressed up as a grandma, is well-known to everyone. It seems that so popular story in the world of fairy tales cannot take us by surprise… Unless we settle the plot in contemporary situations. Then, it gains new significance.

Our show follows convention of a journey. A small and rebellious Michalinka, who calls herself Little Red Riding Hood, travels through a demonic forest which turns out to be a source of life knowledge. Travelling to her hypochondriac grandma, the girl encounters fabulous characters: old, deeply sleeping Bear; dwarves running away from spoilt Snow White; The Little Match Girl – an arsonist who likes to set fire to forests just for fun; Wolf having a runny nose, feather-brained Baba Yaga and a pedantic gamekeeper called Jan Mucha. Each encountered being brings something valuable to Michalinka’s life. They help her to understand how important respect of others is, how dangerous fire can be, what greed leads to and how a chat with strangers can end up.

The staging follows convention of cabaret: gags, absurd and verbal humor, simultaneously acted scenes, dizzy pace and interaction with the audience. Surrealistic, black-and-white, thriller-like stage design harmonises with black humour decorated with amusing musical songs. The whole makes the show remarkable for both young and adult.


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