Premiera: 09.05.2009


wg H.Ch. Andersena

Premiera: 09.05.2009

Scenariusz i reżyseria: Konrad Dworakowski

Scenografia: Martyna Dworakowska

Muzyka:  Piotr Klimek

Projekcje:  Michał Zielony

Urszula Raczkowska Bożena Oleszkiewicz Jerzy Gronowski Seweryn Mrożkiewicz

Publiczność:  od 5 lat

Czas trwania:  55 minut


This is a tale about a little girl’s journey, not taller than one inch, who gets into all kind of trouble, but can still overcome the odds, without changing who she is. The girl feels lonely and longs for love, while profoundly refusing to become someone’s toy. She leaves the bossy Toad and her sissy son, the everloving Stag beetle and the old Mole, whose only wish is to marry her. Thanks to a friendly Swallow, Thumbelina reaches the Elven kingdom, where she finds the man of her dreams, who while not taller than the girl, is fully independent. Thumbelina decides to stay with him and even if that means staying tiny.

All the events in ‘Thumbelina’ are meaningful, not only for the main character, who develops as the story progresses, but also for the viewer – not necessarily a child. Thumbelina, as any child, is curious and longs for love, but does not want to be manipulated or treated as a toy. The play emphasizes this message, showing the importance of deciding for yourself and developing one’s character. It also highlights the problem of neglecting children and an egoistic approach towards life, so often exercised by adults.

The ingenious stage design, animation and the music composed by Piotr Klimek, which complements the visual concept of the performance, i.e. a modernized version of a classic fairytale, all help to establish a clear structure of an unpretentious game involving both the actors and the spectators.



Nagroda główna na 5. Świętokrzyskim Festiwalu Teatrów Lalkowych „Brzechwa i inni…” 2010

Dyplom specjalny na 5. Międzynarodowym Festiwalu Sztuk Współczesnych dla Dzieci i Młodzieży KON-TEKSTY, Poznań 2011

Nagrody aktorskie: dla Bożeny Oleszkiewicz i Seweryna Mrożkiewicza na 1.Międzynarodowym Festiwalu Teatrów Lalek w Czarnogórze 2012

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